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Something eating hazel tree leaves - help please

Hello, I have a young hazel tree in a pot which is growing well but quite a few of its leaves are being eaten by something I can't identify, and I wondered if anyone could help me?  I looked on the underside of the leaves and on one or two leaves I thought I could see something small and white, but there was only one per leaf and nothing on a lot of the leaves.  A few of the leaves also have brown edges curling over.  Any advice very gratefully received!  I have kept it well watered and fed with BabyBio.  Not sure if I'm doing the right thing as no experience with hazel trees, but it's sentimental value to me as it was planted in memory of my mum whose name was Hazel, so I don't want it to die.



  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Any chance of a photo, Sally?  We can probably identify at least the type of creature eating the leaves from that.  The good news is that hazel is virtually indestructible!

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  • Sheila30Sheila30 Posts: 2

    imageHi I have a similar problem just notice today. My potted hazel tree I have had for many years and it is looking very good this year, but just a few of the leaves have been eaten. I haven't as the originator of the question, Sally231, seen any grubs on the leaves. I have attached a photo of my hazel tree.

  • Sheila30Sheila30 Posts: 2

    imageimageimageTo add to my previous post I have just checked my hazel tree more closely and have found some bugs, white ones and black ones, photos attached.image

  • Sally231Sally231 Posts: 3

    Hi, I did take a photo of my hazel tree which I tried to attach but it didn't work :(  It was too windy to photograph the undersides of the leaves, but the holes and the little white bugs look identical to Sheila's photos. Sheila do you have any brown patches on the leaves?  Some of my tree's leaves now have brown patches in the middle, and some just on the edge, a photo of which I also tried to attach but without success. Sorry about that :(  The brown patches have worsened since yesterday, in that more leaves are now affected, so I'm getting quite worried about the problem now :(  Hopefully? BobTheGardener or someone else will be able to identify what's going on with mine and Sheila's trees.

  • Sally231Sally231 Posts: 3

    To add to my previous post, just a quick question relating to hazel trees but aside from the bug problem, Sheila30 how did you get your hazel tree to look so neat, did you train it around a support or something?  Mine already looks bigger than yours and I've only had it potted since last November, I wanted to keep it quite small, like yours, so it could stay in the same pot.  Has yours always been in the same pot?

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