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Beginners advice for a bitty lawn

Hi all,

I'm a complete gardening novice. As in, I've never been responsible for one up until this point - so please go easy on me.

I've recently moved into a property with a small lawn, which was overgrown. When I mowed it however, some patches of it look very "bitty" and uneven. Photos attached.

Any advice on my course of action to make a smooth piece of grass?






  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    The lawn will need some more raking over the top to get the top layer of the soil to slightly open. You can then scatter some lawn seed which is available in most garden centres of hardware stores. There are smaller sized packs for patching areas.

    Broadcast it to the recommendations on the pack and then top-dress with some of your soil from maybe the borders. If you don't have this, you can buy that also in the garden centres. This will hopefully cover some of the seed and also even out hollows and divots in your lawn area. Wait for it to rain, and keep the area watered regularly for around a month. Hopefully, the grass will slowly knit together.

    Grass will need regular mowing afterwards, and the more you mow, the more you rake the more likely, it will grow more dense and green up.

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