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Clematis a standard rose.

My clematis has not flowered this year, I think it has ants in the pot as there is a lot of dust around the pot on the patio, can I use ant killer, can I repost it. My half standard rose has only had one flower on so far and is only just starting to put on new growth, I gave it Top Rose in Spring and have just stranded to feed it again. I pruned it early winter last year was this too early.


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    Do you know what kind of Clematis and standard rose is it? If they're just newly planted, it might be best to wait a bit. There are gel types of ant killers which lure them to a small plastic box. You can buy these in any hardware store or even large supermarkets. They don't need to be positioned in the pots, but near the pot areas.

    I'm wondering what the dust might be. What colour is this? From what I know, if you have piles of dust, you will likely have massive air pockets in or under the soil. Have you tried to disturb the soils in the pot yet? You will probably see ants scatter when you do this.

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    If you have ants in a pot that has a clematis in it, the clematis is very likely to be suffering from drought.

    Potted clematis need to be kept really well watered. Give it a thorough soaking by plunging the whole thing in a bucket of water till it's completely damp. It'll probably take at least half an hour. That will also disperse the ants. Then look at the soil in the pot. You'll most likely have to  repot.  Multi purpose compost isn't enough if the clematis is to be there long term. Use a soil based one. image

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    Thanks I will try that.

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