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Magnolia Tree - Dead? please help?



My mother-in-law's Magnolia has lost all of its leaves & she's worried it's dead..(I'm sad to say I think it is).

Unfortunately one of her neighbours had a knotweed problem & shes worried the treatment for that may be the cause if the problem.

Can anyone confirm, by looking at the attached pictures  if it is indeed dead.

& if it isn't is there anything we can do to reverse the process? 

its quite a large tree I'd say 10ft tall

thanks in advance for any advice 


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    if its lost all it leaves in summer its not looking good,

    how did the leaves fall, did they dry up and then drop off or wilt then drop off, this might give an indication of what's happened.

    Knotweed is usually treated by injecting the stems, so if its been done properly it shouldn't have had any effect, however if they've been waving around a spraying wand you would have more than the magnolia dying, every other green plant around would be showing signs as well

    are there any visible buds? if not it may be a terminal problem. if you're not sure attach a photo of the ends of branches for us to look at

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  • Hi thanks so much for your reply..

    The leaves wilted & then dropped off..

    There are no green shoots unfortunately..

    So I'm thinking the worst.. it's more than likely dead..which is a blow as she really loves the tree..

    If we were to try & replace it..for her..

    Does anyone have any guidance or advice on the likelihood of a new tree dying we don't really want to replace it & loose another one?

    Thanks again for your invaluable help/advice  ?

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    it all depends on what killed it, until that's discovered anything put into that are might also die, i'm bumping up the thread in the hope that someone might have a better idea than me about what's killed it

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