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Potted Blueberry

Hi everybody from Germany. I am an amateur container gardener. Last year bought a small blueberry plant full with beautiful buds. Had noticeable harvest the same year. Checked online what to do for winter time, pruning was what I was recommended. But this year till now what I have is just a healthy beautiful blueberry plant, all foliages and not a single flower image which means no harvest. Beginning of the spring time , l lifted up the plants and added some berries soil but It sets all canes. Please help me.image


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,064

    Blueberries flower and fruit on growth which is a year old or more, so you probably pruned-off the wood which would have flowered this year.  However, doing that has promoted vigorous new growth, so you can expect a bumper harvest next year.  There is no need to prune blueberries except to remove any obviously dead growth and any weak shoots near the base.  When the bush is fully mature (in 6 or 7 years) you can remove one or two of the old stems which will encourage strong new stems from the base which will flower the following year.

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  • farangisfarangis Posts: 3

    Thank you so much for such great tips and info.

  • farangisfarangis Posts: 3

    Hi BobTheGardener , do you or anybody else there have any idea what is this problem ? Leaves sound burned! !  Is that signs of mineral deficiencies? 

    I am so desperatedimage


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