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Frost damage on flowering cherry

I have a flowering cherry that is about 7 years old. I usually get a little frost damage on it, confined to a branch or two. I should mention I live on the west coast of Denmark. 

However this year we had a late severe frost (about -8°C) and while the blossom was as stunning as usual, the foliage has taken a severe knock back. In previous years I've removed the affected branches, as it's been fairly minimal, but if I do that this year I won't have much of a tree left! Some of the branches have developed leaves, but there are still bare patches (just the brown remains of the blossom).

I am thinking of waiting another couple of weeks to see how much regrowth there is, and pruning the rest. Am I likely to get more regrowth later? I'd say we are about 2-3 weeks behind most of England and Wales, probably on a par with northern England or Scotland as far as climate goes.



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