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I've just potted the first DA rose I purchased from a recent visit to Coughton Court, and I'll admit that it looks so good potted (Mary Rose) that I want to get some more and pot them too. The idea is to create a seating area in the corner of my garden that's surrounded by sweet smelling potted roses. Area gets around 6-7 hours of sun a day.

My questions are:-

a) Best roses for pots

b) Advice on potting/ongoing care

c) Has anybody ordered from the DA website? Averaging about GBP 22 / rose on there, and I'd be much obliged if anybody has a discount code they could share as I'm not made of money, unfortunately.




  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,741

    a] Smaller ones.

    b] rich soil, lots of food and water, replace soil every few years.

    c] can't help.

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  • I've grown several Roses in pots for a number of years. Use a soil based compost and add some farmyard manure a a mulch once a year. Twice a year, I sprinkle Rose Food around and water it in, that's it really. Most Roses will grow fine in pots provided they are'nt ramblers, even some climbers will be fine, provided the container is big enough. 

    Apart from the above, it's a matter of which colours you want and which you like the smell of. Good luck.

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    As P'doc says a smaller rose will be better. I have some DA roses which are large shrub size and too large for anything except huge pots which - I don't think is what you have in mind.

    The DA website is very good for helping you select suitable plants or give them a ring and have a chat.

    If you need to save pennies get yourself on the DA mailing list and they'll send you discount codes when they're available. I bought bare root roses with 20% off this spring - quite a saving over full price potted plants.

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