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Away for weekend, came back to multitude of ill plants



I was away home to visit an ill parent and when I came back today I didn't know where to start with problems I noticed. 

Firstly my cosmos look like the withered away over the last 36 hrs. They've been flowering away for weeks now. 

Then my scented nicotiana plug plug plants are being devoured, so I've moved them indoors by the window. 

My canna lily is being eaten , first time I've seen this with this plant.

my sweets peas look very slow to take off. 

The marjoram in my pot looks like it just withered away. 

We we had hail this evening I'm wondering if the cold is getting the sweet peas and the cosmos? Or maybe lack of water, but I doubt that, it's too quick. 

and finally my acer leaves are getting moulted looking. I wonder why.

any ideas would be great guys. It seems the whole garden is going against me all of a sudden. 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,010

    Deadhead the cosmos give it a good soaking and when it perks up feed with tomato food. 

    The marjoram is also suffering from drought. Put the pot in a container of water for a couple of hours then allow to drain well. If the leaves don't perk up cut them back. Im pretty sure it will recover. 

    your canna has been nibbled by a slug or snail. So has mine. Inspect nightly.  The same with the nicotiana    Slug pubs and surrounding with grit also help. 

    Sweet peas are hardy so won't be troubled by cold but they will be affected by drought. give them a good soak. 

    What sort of compost are they growing in? If it's ordinary multi purpose can dry out quickly. 

    I can't see the acer clearly enough to see the problem. 

    If you have to leave them again can you move them into the shade?

    hope your parent is better soon. 

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    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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