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Do I deadhead these?

SarSpudSarSpud Posts: 46

Hi All, we're opening our garden for a village charity day in 4 weeks (I've never done anything like this before, eek!)

We currently have lots of flowers on chives, aquilegia, geum, roses, should I deadhead any of these to keep them going? 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,330

    Good for you and hope your event is a great success - and the weather is kind!

    Dead-heading (the removal of dead flower heads) is always good practice, but I suppose it depends on how many you have

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  • Good luck with the charity bash image

    As for the plants.... chives, roses and many geums will continue to produce continual flowers for months if dead-headed regularly.

    The same can appliy to aquilegias but flowering is almost over thiis year and the seed pods may not have yet matured. If there are any flowers left or green seed pods, snip them off and they may flower again. But aquilegia foliage tends to fade quite quickly after the flowering phase. Hopefully they'll have another flourish though for garden... but don'trely upon it.

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