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Skimmia limp & losing leaves

i have several skimmia (either 'Obsession' or 'Temptation') which are planted in large planters with various other shrubs. They were planted in December with beautiful red berries. They have each put on copious growth this Spring and are doing well bar one which is bending over at the ends whilst simultaneously dropping leaves. 

there is no evidence of infestation although there has been a greenfly epidemic on the dark tulips nearby which I have sprayed with a commercial product. Other planters were simultaneously sprayed and the skimmia are doing fine. 

In the second image you can see, on the right, the other skimmia which has copious growth...maybe too much? The poorly one is on the left at the back  

Is is it too late to save it? 


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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    It does not look happy does it. I would check that it is not root bound. Did you tease out some of the roots when you planted it? It may be that it has been pot bound in its original pot and now cannot take up water or nutrients.

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  • Didn't think of that and wasn't the one who planted it in the first instance. Will take a look tomorrow and let you know. The new growth seems very 'light' for some reason and that's what just given up. Thx for takin the time to think on its behalf. D

  • So today I dug each one up...and they were all pot bound! They came up easily. I have teased out the roots and am saying a prayer meantime. They are watered back in. Thx for taking the time to advise me D 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,924

    That's a huge amount of plants to have in that small planter Dorothy. Skimmias get pretty big. It could do with a planter that size on it's own.  Is there a reason you can't get it in the ground?  

    You'll have to be vigilant with food and water for all those plants if they stay there. They'll soon use up all the available nutrients and soil, so you'll have to  move some of them on at some point to keep them all thriving. 

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