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Potential summer border

I wish to plant a summer border but next doors oak slightly overhangs the sight casting slight shade! Will this effect plants like kniphofia, rudbeckia, heleniums echinacea etc?



  • If those sun-loving plants get a decent amount of drect sunlight at periods during the day or slight shade as the sun moves around ad the oak casts a slight shadow, they will be OK. 

    If the Oak canopy grows much wider and taller over the years, other Summer plants maybe worth considering, as would a chat with your neighbour image

  • Its a very established oak! And it is the very edge of the canopy that over hangs us! I think we will be ok for sun as it gets few hours in the morning. Then slight shade through the day! Im to afraid to ask my neighbour as she is a very fisty 81 year old whos oak is her pride and joy! In fairness i would rather alter my plans ?

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    I hope it's feisty and not fisty!

    If it's the edge then go ahead, but if you are planting or digging a new border, might be better to reposition it somewhere that is furthest away from that over-hang shade, obviously, only if it is viable. As longterm for your border, you have more options. 

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    Sure but try to dig in as much organic matter as possible.. compost, manure etc. 

  • Haha yes more feisty than fisty! I think ill mix it up a bit! There was an old bed there before but hasnt been touched in at least 40 years! Crocosmia and yellow archangel everywhere!!! So lots to do but id rather get planting right! Lots of organic matter and manure! I love big bright sun loving plants like helenium and kniphofia! But i am open to all options! Im only 33 so plenty of time to experiment!

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    In that case, if you insist on sun borders, you could look carefully at how the sun passes the areas and consider raising the height of the beds to get maxiumum light levels. Build it or raise the soil levels Consider Coreopsis,  I find it very tolerant of some shade, and there are a variety of different types of flowers.

  • Ive had Coreopsis before and really liked it! It is a rather large border so lots of space to fill! About 2m wide and well over 10m long! But i love a challenge.

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    Good luck with it, sounds like you have a good idea with what you want from the border. Sounds like a good space too, so you can plant in groups of 3s and 5s. I think some choice grasses will help to bring in different forms and create vertical shapes and movement. 

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  • I was thinking of stipa gigantea but dont know if it needs to be baked in the sun? And possibly pheasants tail? I have quite a bit of space and trying to convince my wife to let me start a new one in the front of the garden, which will attach to what im attacking now! So big L shape and that area really does get full sun! image

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    The grass will definitely add to the whole look and when the light changes later in the year, it will definitely become the central theme on the borders. Stipa Gigantea will probably need a lot of sun and Pheasant's Tail will cope with a bit of dappled shade. They definitely go with your plan of Echinaceas, Heleniums and Rubeckias. 

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