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Best for shaded garden Trees?

Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68

Morning all. I have a quiery my front garden is very shaded most of the day it gets a few hours daily sunlight but thats about it. Im surronded by overlooking neighbours and high rise flats ive recently bought a large fargesia bamboo and 8ft betula pendula amousgt my confier Hedging and other shade shrubs/periennials. Im looking to get more trees for privacy anyone got any recommendations of good shade trees other than betulas? I was thinking some prunus types but im unsure how they would do with mostly shade i like birches and bamboos and considering more but i want some trees/ large shrubs ( 6ft plus) that will flower as my front garden despite many shrubs and conifers and trees not much flowers would like to have some more fast growing good screening flowering trees etc any ideas be much appreciated. Many thanks Sam

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