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Weeds on drive ways

we lived in new built house four years this this is first time weeds have came through at bottom of monoblock driveway not sure best way to treat it and what brand to use 


  • We try to keep on top of the weeds coming through in our Grid Force driveway by hand pulling them for a couple of minutes each day.  You do have to try to pull the roots out too. We have had this driveway for approx 3 years now - it is layered onto a hard core base. We don't use weedkiller, because we value our wildlife visitors and try to encourage them into our garden.

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    Spray with Pathclear twice a year.  Not had any detrimental effect on wildlife. 

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    I use weedkillers, whatever says it's for driveways. It's too big and I don't have time to hand weed it  and often as not the roots break off and don't come up so the weeds grow again.

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  • A pic of the weeds would help identify them and gain advice on how to treat 'em  image

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