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Rose changing flower

I've had this rose for 3/4 years. I think the 1st year i had a couple of flowers (the pink ones pictured) then nothing apart from long green shoots which didn't produce any buds. The green shoots/leavesimage are much lighter green to the normal rose leaves. I decided to move it to a better spot as it was quite shady where it had been and now this year i have 1 lovely pink flower and lots of small buds that open to little white flowers 9the white ones pictured) Could someone tell me if theres any way i can get it back to it's original state?



  • B3B3 Posts: 26,433

    It sounds like they're suckers from the rootstock. I suspect that the rose that was grafted onto is gone.

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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,331

    Yes agree with B3... you might still be able to save the pink rose if you remove the suckering shoots with the white flowers, which incidentally is called Rosa frobelii 'Laxa', a kind of dog rose bred in Asia which is used as rootstock on virtually all grafted roses in this country.. You would have to remove all that right from below the graft union, cutting it off completely.. alternatively, if you like the white rose, it will grow very big in time and produce bright red hips... but the pink rose will all but disappear..

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