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Honeysuckle devastation


My honeysuckle was doing so well earlier in the year but over the last month or so it has been completely destroyed by caterpillars (cabbage whites). I have tried picking them off, spraying with chilli water and another off the shelf organic product but to no avail. I really don't want to use an insecticide unless I can be sure it won't  kill any other insects and truth be known I would rather not use anything non- organic.

Has anyone any suggestions how to get rid of these pests and how to revive my honeysuckle once I have - it is very bare of leaves now ????.

Thank you all



  • There are many organic products available but they are generally more for prevention than a cure.

    As your honeysuckle has already been decimated, there's probably not much to lose by either leaving it as it is and hoping new buds develop once the caterpillars (most likely White Admirals, which look like Cabbage Whites) have gone.

    Or give it a good pruning which will encourage new growth and leaf buds... and spray with chilli, garlic and mint water just to be on the safe side. If it's a large one it will be a challenge removing the old stalks and will take a long time to recover and you probably won't see any flowers this year image 

  • lozzaloulozzalou Posts: 2

    Thanks Dave Hedgehog, I will do as you suggest. Although the very top does still have some buds so I may well leave it until they have had a chance to flower (If they don't get eaten in the meantime). If it's not slugs it's caterpillars it seems ?

    thanks again 


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