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I bought this ophiopogon several years ago.

I do like it as it a good ground cover plant and gives a good edge to the flower bed but it is beginning to take over the flower bed and is crowding out the fuschia.

What is the best way to split the plant and reduce it's size? 

It's not looking it's best in the middle of the clump but there are several "baby" plants forming around the edges of the clump.

I want to give the fuschia more space to grow.

Any advice appreciated.





  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    I just started growing one of the black ones and it's already looking dead and splayed out with nothing in the middle. No growth at all for 2 months. Not sure which variety you have but it's very thick in the centres. Just dig them up and divide them up to the sizes you want. 

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