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Is this Japanese knot weed

Hi. Any help appreciated,  we have very suddenly had growth of vine weed and something similar appear in a number places in the garden. I am confident recognising the vine weed as it has the very distinctive trumpet like flowers. The other I am not sure of. 

It has a similar vine like appearance and wraps itself around other plants as it grows. The leaves are heart / arrow shaped and quite thick and glossy - more like an ivy leaf than the softer vine weed leaf. The stalks from ground are dark maroon quite thick and full of sticky sap if you break them. The flowers are clusters of tiny and white on a cluster shaped a bit like a bunch of grape. Could it be Japanese knot weed - looking at Google the flowers look right but the leaves are different. 

Next question is what do I do about them. We have about 3/4 acre so not sure where to start. 

Thank you



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,834

    Could it be the Russian Vine - Polyganum baldschuanica?

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,834

    If it is that plant it is less of a worry than Japanese Knotweed (though they are related). It is often called the mile-a-minute vine because it grows so quickly. It can be controlled if you are really ruthless with it.

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  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,457

    Does sound like mile a minute.  Can you post a photo.

  • Thanks a lot. The flowers on mile a minute look the same shape, but a lot larger - but suppose it maybe that mine just hasn't matured yet. I hadn't spotted you can post photos. Will take one tomorrow. Appreciate the help

  • It could be Black Bindweed (Fallopia convolvulus). It has white flowers on stems and heart/arrow shaped.

    Sometimes Black Bryrony (Dioscorea communis) which is sometimes called Black Bindweed too image has light coloured flowers and develops berrries that ripen from green to red. The sap is a serious skin irritant and can cause blisters and photo-sensitivy, so handle this with caution (if it is the plant!).

  • Here are the photos of the plant. I would swear this wasn't there at all last week. Now well over 7 ft shoots. 

  • No, annoyingly they don't want to upload. Looking today the flowers have opened more the are a cluster of very small (sub 1 cm) bell shaped flowers in greeny white that look like the may open further into a star shape. The leaves are much bigger and thicker than the vine weed. 

  • If you reduce the size of the image it should ulpoad. Most phones, tablets etc come with a photo editor with an image cropping tool. A small section of the leaves and flowers would be ideal.

    Sounds like Black Bryrony but a pic would be perfect to enable a full ID. 

  • Thank you.  

    As before any help recognising this and then working out how to control it much appreciated. 

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