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Ammi majis

I've grown some of the above from seed this year, transplanted into the garden, did okay initially, now a couple of feet tall but the leaves/whole plant are now drooping and look somewhat 'washed out' of leaf colour  I'd planted them in various locations, some full sun, some in part shade and all are the same.  They've been well watered (too well watered?).  Any ideas please?  Ps sorry, typo, that should of course read 'Majus'

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    they do like a lot of water and prefer a good soaking rather than a light watering more often. Maybe a liquid seaweed feed would help or some Epsom salts sprinkled round the base of the plant.

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  • Must admit I was sceptical when you said 'more water' as we have watered really well (and I'm not one of those who thinks standing there with the hose for five minutes is a good watering!) but I literally drowned them yesterday evening and they've all picked up... so thank you!

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