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Asters flowering now

Hello, I planted 3 miniature asters in an alpine bed last year. This year they all look strong and healthy, but one of the three has been flowering madly since mid-May and one is threatening to flower. The third looks as I would expect for this time of year. Is this early flowering caused by the dry Spring that we had? I did give them a good water once or twice  when a lot of things in the garden were drooping. Should I have watered them more? The supplier said that they were suitable for an alpine bed, and that they flower in Autumn like other asters. Any thoughts?

Carmarthenshire (mild, wet, windy). Loam over shale, very slightly sloping, so free draining. Mildly acidic or neutral.


  • Other autumn flowering plants have been flowering recently, apparently fooled by the weather. It is nothing to worry about as they must be happy, and had all the water they needed.

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