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Preparing to lay Turf

So, Im closing in on the end of my Garden project and have reached the all important bit. Laying the turf.

I have a large area which used to hold a load of stones, decorative ones, which i have now (for the most part) removed. 

I have clay grounding and my plans for the next steps are as follows:

- Order about 5 Bulk Bags of Topsoil.

- Level the topsoil.

- Lay the turf.

I have two main questions, which need answering:

1 - Can i put the topsoil onto the clay which still has its fair share of small stones? (All the big ones removed)

2 - Any tips on levelling? The ground is fairly bumpy prior to topsoil.


  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087


    The clay top and subsoil will need to be prepared before top soil and laying turf.The clay soil will cause major drainage and compaction of the layed turf. You will need to break up he clay structure and add well rotted manure mixed with Hort. Grit. The manure will bring worms in to the soil that will improve drainage. The Hort grit will mechanically breakdown the clay. As you have a large area to turf , then I would suggest using a rotavator to breakdown the clay. As for levelling, the technique is to walk on the prepared top soil and then rake it over removing all large stones. Using a level batten across the width of the lawn will show you depression or mounds in the soil and allow you to rake and level accordingly.

    The best of luck and I do hope that you have a finished lawn to be proud of 

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