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Camelia next to house

Could anyone please advise me...

I bought some lovely camelia plants.

If I plant in the border,about 12 inches from the house,would the roots damage the house foundation? Many thanks, Kathy 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,642

    No but the proximity to the house wall will adversely affect the plants as they will be short of moisture.

    Camellias need plenty of moisture form July onwards as this is when they set their flower buds for the spring display.  Being dry will make them abort the buds.

    Plant them at least 18" out and better still 2' and make sure you work plenty of moisture retentive ericaceous compost and/or well rotted manure into the soil.  This will improve free draining soils but also loosen up clay soils to provide better nutrients and water availability.

    Soak each plant thoroughly then sprinkle some microrhizal fungae on the roots as you plant and water well.  Use rain water if your tap water is hard.  Make sure the plants are not subject to early easterly sun on frosty mornings as this will also destroy your flower buds.

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