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Replacing sleeper retaining wall


looking to replace one sleeper high that is retaining my lawn - old sleepers well past their sell by date !

just don't know how to fix the new ones in - I need to check again, but I think there are concrete blocks lower down so knocking something in, wouldn't be easy 

any my ideas would be most appreciated image


  • The paving is just temporary - to cover mud - this will be covered by composite decking ! 

  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,439

    How were the old ones fixed in? We did something similar and Mr Redwing had some pieces of angle iron that he hammrered vertically into the ground and then bolted the sleepers onto them. This was done behind the sleepers so they didn't show. In your case if there is a concrete base that will be a problem.

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  • on closer inspection this morning - there are battins of wood that have been hammered into the ground to

    secure them - behind the sleepers - although this would have been done before the soil/lawn was laid !!

    will have to see if I can pull one out - cut to size and replace - then bolt through from the front - don't see I have any other option ??

    any more thoughts would be much appreciated x

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    You can just do the same. Remove a spit of grass and hammer the stakes in. Remove enough soil to get the screws in then refill the soil and pop your grass back down. The other method is to drill the sleeper and hammer rebar in.

    If it is only one sleeper high you may get away with no fixings. Sleepers are pretty heavy and not inclined to move. 

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  • The easiest option would be no fixings but ensuring the decking is slightly higher than the bottom of the sleeper so it retains it and stops it moving, the sleeper is already retained by the grass/soil behind. Just ensure the sleeper is treated

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