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Care for Digitalis 'ice Queen' - any ideas?

FireFire LondonPosts: 7,354

Hi all,

yesterday I bought the most glorious digitalis 'Ice Queen'. (Similar to the pictures below). It is a white foxglove with wonderfully pale silver, soft, furry leaves and stems, like lambs' ear (Stachys). . I cannot find it available anywhere else  - plants or seeds - and there almost nothing about it online that I can see. The little garden shop I found it in knew nothing about it, just that it was unusual and gorgeous - they mostly sell tools.

I understand that some varieties of foxglove are of Mediterranean origin and like full sun, rather than the usual dappled shade. Silver-leaved plants seems to be more designed for hot regions, the silver being a survival mechanism. I want my precious, lovely plant to thrive and later I aim to collect seed.

Has anyone come across it before, grown it or do you have ideas on what it might like?

Many thanks.



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