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Lily Trees

I have 35 day lilies which I divide every couple of years. 

My Lily Trees (18) have done very well  and a few are large and need to be divided.  One pushed out of the ground, in March,2017 and I was shocked at the size of the yellow bulb.

The 12/15 small babies surround the large bulb where placed in earth in house but none survived. The large bulb was placed back in garden - deeper than before and now is 2 feet tall where all the others are a good 5 feet.

Is there an online site that shows exactly how to divide after the blooming is complete.? (Picture is 1st year)



  • wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 967

    Hi i saw a video on YouTube not so long ago of this guy who has an entire border of just Asiatic lillies. It multiplies profusely.  He has a whole series of videos on the division. I'll try and find the link to it and send it you when i get a moment. 

  • image  Thanks for any help. This plant now has 9 tall strong stems that I must divide in a few months. 

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    If all the stems are coming from the one bulb then you cannot divide the main bulb. You can dig it up, take the little bulbils off and pot them up to grow bigger. ANd of course replant the bulb.

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,228

    Tree lilies will make bulbs as big as a fist. When they finish flowering, cut the flower head off at the top , but leave the stem intact. The leaves will continue to provide food to grow the bulb. When the leaves fall off, carefully dig the bulbs up using a fork. Small bulbils will need to be grown on in a nursery bed, but flowering size can then be planted back into newly enriched soil.  Add plenty of compost  or well  rotted farm yard manure if you can get it. Plant with at least six inches of soil over the top of the bulb. , and a foot apart. ( 15cm and 30 cm  for youngsters.) In Spring give a sprinkling of fertiliser around the bulbs as they start to emerge. ( I use blood fish and bone)

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