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Portuguese laurel

Hell all

I have a Portuguese laurel that I have pruned over the years so that all the foliage is at the top of the tree.

It looks great but I'm having some concerns about it And could really do with some advice.

Its 20to25 foot tall but unfortunately it is up against a retaining wall with a 5 foot drop to one side and both of the main trunks do lean toward the wall.

I also noticed some damage to one of the trunks where the bark had peeled back and the wood underneath had started to crack. On further inspection I discovered what I believe to be a bark beetle living under a gooey substance just under the edge of the bark.

The house next door is being renovated for sale and the trees canopy hangs over their garden quite a bit.

its a beautiful tree and I don't want to get ri of it after 17 years of pruning and care.

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