Talkback: Cats and catmint

I have four cats and grow cat mint for them, which sends them silly when i give them a few stems of it ,other than that they all love laying around sunbathing under a plant or two or on the garden bench


  • yhh this photo is beast i love it mate/
  • Here's a fool proof defence against cats who roll and sleep in catmint besides eating and generally worshiping it - put a wire hanging basket shell over the young plant. By the time it has grown through the wire, it can sustain cats' attacks.
  • We had a plant of this in our old garden. Our cat utterly ignored it, but the ginger from two doors up adored it, and squashed it.
  • My old cat used to lie in the middle of cat mint and roll and roll - he destroyed two clumps of it - I've never seen a cat so high!
  • Domesticated cats have no place in a rural environment. They kill for pleasure, defecate wherever it pleases them and are introduced purely for the satisfaction of their selfish owners.
  • We adopted a feral cat about 2 years ago and we used catmint to train him and get him to settle in, it makes him all silly and dopey and enabled us to be able to handle him, but our other 2 elderly cats kind of went manic whenever they even got a whiff of it.
    As to Thorrun's comment any animal on this earth has as much right to be here as we do. I belong to rescue groups for Bats and hedgehogs and our cats have grown up with them and a variety of birds without ever harming one.
    Also cat's in a rural enviroment kepp down mice and other vermin, which I might also add have a right to be here as well..It is all about nature and us being one with it not the other way round
  • I suspect cats are like humans - they vary in their addictive potential and how susceptible they are to drugs. A half a glass of wine will go to my head no matter how much doctors assure me it is good for my heart!
  • We have grown cat mint for our cats for several years and they have always loved rolling in it, it really sent them quite silly. We have just one elderly cat now, he's over 19 years old and loves his cat mint plants. He doesn't go out for long these days and even then, only when it is not raining, but whenever he is out he makes straight for his cat mint and sits with his head in it. I feel sure it keeps him young.
    As for Thorrun's comments, I agree with angelstar, all animals have an equal right to live on this earth. I'm not a dog fan but I defend people's right to have them living with them.
    Cat mint is right, an inverted hanging basket will solve your problem. In the meantime enjoy your elderly cat as we do ours.
  • I am sick of cats coming into my garden to mess,and i have to cleen it up,i have tried every thing except the electronic device.
  • Great to hear that the majority vote is with the cat - less of a problem to wildlife than HUMANS!!!
    If you are about to adopt a cat, just see what happens, they vary so much as all these comments show. But do be wary of 'dumbcane' or deiffenbachia, the prett white splotched on green foliage houseplant - if the leaves ae chewed the cat will get an horrendous reaction !
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