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Manure and tomato plants

Hi everyone, just looking for some advice. I have been growing tomato plants for the first time this year and since they left the compost that the seed germinated in, i have had them in a mixure of mainly compost with some blood fish and bone and some aged manure.

What id like to know is, is it alright to use aged manure in container grown tomatoes. I am concerned about the potential risk of disease ? Since i have been growing them in this they all seem to be doing fairly well. Really strong growth and great roots. But just looking for some advice.

Would appreciate any help.



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  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Well rotted manure is brilliant for growing vegetables (and many other plants too). All you need to do if you're concerned us keep the tomatoes from physically touching the manure and of course rinse well before consuming.


  • JamieMcDJamieMcD Posts: 89

    Scroggin and clarington, thanks very much for getting back to me. Appreciate the help. Seems like its not time to pannick just yet :) haha 

    Thanms again.


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