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Rose side shoots snapping.

Having a problem with side shoots snapping off.

Its a well established rose but this year the side shoots are snapping off at the main branches. 

I cut it back quite hard in the early spring as it was getting very large. 

The new side shoots have grown at an amazing rate, making them quite weak. 

Not sure where I went wrong. Guidance would be much appreciated. 

Thank you. C. 


  • Dave HedgehogDave Hedgehog Posts: 377

    It's a difficult one to answer without seeing a pic.

    Is the rose sheltered by trees/fences/srubs etc and does it get much sunlight at its current height? Lack of sunlight can cause established roses to suddenly shoot upright to desperately seek out light levels they were formerly used to, at the cost of creating multitudes of weak stems.

    This Spring has been unusally dry and rather windy in many parts of the country and combined, may cause issues. A lot of roses seem to have been slow off the mark after pruning compared to other years.

    Also, aphids seem to on the rampage after a mild winter and mostly warm spring, so it's worth closely checking to see if they're present as they can cause distortion of foliage and introduce diseases.

  • Thank you for your reply, I should have posted a picture. 

    The rose is 11years old and up until this year has grown beautifully, I did give it a rather harsh prune this winter,I wondered if that was the problem.

    It isn't near trees or shrubs but we did have a very dry spring and I don't remember watering it. 

    From your advise, I am thinking it was the dry start to the year which may have caused the problem.

    Thank you again for your help, I think next year a drop of water will be needed. 


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