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What can I plant in containers on roof terrace...?

Rebecca108Rebecca108 Posts: 2

I have a North facing roof terrace with 3 large containers. I wanted screening and evergreen so opted for bamboo. It grew very well - over 10 feet tall - until I went away and the automatic watering system failed. One of the containers has died. I would like to replace them all with something else that is evergreen, easy to look after and would grow quite tall. Bamboo not option again as leaf fall is very hard to collect with the pebble borders. Any ideas please?!


  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    When you say how how large do you mean? Big plants need big roots so I wouldn't want to suggest something inappropriate to your pots.

    The not having to tidy up after a plant will be tricky. Everything tends to regenerate as is the way of life.

    Have you considered trellis?

  • Rebecca108Rebecca108 Posts: 2

    Thanks very much. 

    The pots are two 0.5m sq and one 2mx0.5m pots. They contained 4 large bays once.

    rather not have trellis as wouldn't look right. They're against the balcony wal.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    You could try Choisya Aztec Pearl or Choisya Ternata. Both quite decent growth and can grow well in a North aspect but will flower less vigorously, but will flower non-the-less and they are lovely to look at up close. Then there's the amazing scent. A bonus on a terrace. In order to keep it within your pot size, you will need to prune them as they grow upwards to the way you want it, and they respond well to that provided you do this when they're small. The stems are very soft when still young and have year round glossy leaves. Aztec Pearl has more finer leaves and suited for a hot dry look whilst the Ternata leaves are more rounded but works well with many other plants.

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