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Please help me id these plants?



Hello all,

Being a newie this is my second ever post, but no one answered my first one :( hopefully I'll have better luck with this one!

Could someone please help me identify these plants that are in my garden so I know how to look after them??

Many thanks in advance.



  • GrannybeeGrannybee Posts: 312

    I think the fourth one is a Spirea Japonica. Leave the flowers on to protect the plant from frost and cut back next spring. 

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    I think the first one is some kind of Hebe that's been cut quite harshly. Second one looks like some kind of Rhododendron? Third one looks like a Buddleia Alternifolia. The last on is Spirea Japonica Gold Flame.

  • Thank you so much both!

    i did that to the Hebe I'm afraid.. it was very messy and had lots of bare wood, which it still does.. anything else I can do to make it look better? Shall I prune those bare branches further?

    i thought the second one could be a rhododendron, it has not flowered in the three years we've been in the house.. any ideas why this might be?

    thanks again

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    The Rhododendron is looking quite young at the moment so maybe soon. Unfortunately, I have never grown them before so hopefully someone else may know. If it is a Hebe, I would cut the bare branches down as they may not grow back. Wait for it the rest to grow back. Hebes can get woody on the insides and if not regularly pruned, the whole of the insides are just bare branches. 

  • TamaraFiTamaraFi Posts: 1

    The second one looks like a cherry laurel to me.

  • I agree with Tamarafi 

    2nd one is indeed Cherry Laurel, I have two, they're virtually indestructible! Mine get lovely white flowers on each year and black berries. 

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