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Overgrown espalier pear trees...can I rescue them?


A few years back I planted two dwarf pear trees against a tall fence and began to train them into cordon espaliers. Then we had two kids, started a business and the fence fell down ???? 

They continued to grow "free standing" for a couple of years, got majorly out of hand and the new fence was eventually built behind them. Unfortunately the new fence has been put in a bit too far back to properly train them against. There is a gap of  ab It 8-10 inches between trunk and fence now.

Now they are completely out of shape, too tall and most of he growth is at the top and untrained. The trunks are also quite thick now. 

I have added a picture of each tree. Does anyone know whether can be rescued and retrained, also how/when would you go about doing so? I don't care if I don't get any fruit from them this year, I'd just like to get them back on track.

thanks so much! ????


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    The same thinghad happened to an espaliered apple tree which was featured on Beechgrove Graden a couple of weeks ago in their "rescue" slot.   Have a look at their website as they do fact sheets.

    I suggest you have a read of this info from the RHS as it is important to time pruning to avoid loads of water shoots and encourage flowering and fruiting spurs:-


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