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What is this plant?

Barn FieldBarn Field Posts: 47


I rescued this plant from being thrown out after my Mother-in-law passed away. All I know is she took this cutting from a larger one which she kept as a house plant. It has clusters of little pink flowers which are just about to open. Could anyone tell me what it is.  The larger one is now too big for a window cill and is currently in the greenhouse.  Any advice on looking after it would be appreciated.


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,499


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  • MarranMarran Posts: 182

    Hi - looks like a Kalanchoe.  Can't advise on care - but somebody will! :-)

  • Barn FieldBarn Field Posts: 47

    Thank you both, that helps.  I'll google it for more info!

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