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Leaning young tree


I'm after some advice on a leaning tree please.

a couple of months ago I bought a young amelanchier from a nursery and it was delivered a couple of weeks later. When it was delivered it had a slight lean but i thought it would correct quickly if I staked it and put the lean facing away away from the sun. Annoyingly the predominant wind is the same direction as the lean so it's constantly being excaserbated.

ive had to physically pull the tree towards the stake for it to be straight. My question is, when I remove the stake in a year, will it simply revert to it's lean? am I better off digging it up and trying to replant it straighter?

any help appreciated.



  • Dave HedgehogDave Hedgehog Posts: 377

    This is a tough one to answer; an already bent trunk and winds could create 'unusual' outcomes.

    Using one or more heavy-duty stakes at 45 degree angles forms a formidable anchor helps in that the roots can establish and the tree can be trained in a specific direction without wind issues .Keep training it as long as it keeps to bend. If it's reaching towards sunlight that it rarely gets, it will be a continous battle to keep it on the straight and narrow.

    Repositioning/digging up decidious trees is best done in late Autumn or Winter as doing so now would cause a lot of stress.

  • Thanks Dave. The sun isn't a problem, there's plenty of that. From what you've said, it sounds like if I leave it staked straight for long enough then it should remain straight when I remove it. im hoping for a summer of low winds! Thanks again

  • Thanks. I'll be patient then and keep my fingers crossed....

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