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Hi Folks - my first post here.  

We have an Etoile de Hollande climbing rose on a south-facing fence, now entering its third summer (or possibly 4th?).  There is a persistent problem in that any time I try (gently!) to tie in any of the string basal shoots (or any of the strong laterals) They detach from the main shoot at the point of departure.  It seems as the the 'join' is very weak.  It's not just when I try and tie-in either:  we've seen signs where a branch been snapped either by the wind or by a bird perching on it.

I've grown roses of various types for years without encountering this as an issue.  Does anyone know if this is typical of the rose, or could it be a cultivation issue?

I'd be grateful for any advice as we've lost so much potential growth as a result!

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    I have found that Etoile de Hollande does have rather stiff and brittle growth ... I discovered that it was best to tie in the shoots when they were very young and pliable ... it does mean that you're tying them in very frequently and sometimes when they're only a few inches long, but it is a beautiful rose and worth a bit of extra trouble.  

    I hope that helps image

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    Thanks, Dove.  Oddly enough, what drove me to find this post was what happened when I tried to do just that.  There was a 12-inch shoot and I moved the tip gently about 2 inches to the right and it broke a the base.  

    I appreciate that I may just have to let it grow its stems much more vertically than I would like and put up with the classic bare lower stems, but I'm hoping for someone who can suggest a miracle cure!  

    Here are two photos that show how that land lies.  You can see there is another strong basal shoot that I've not dared to touch!  


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    Could someone let me know what this rose is like over winter? I am looking for a dark red rose to cover a slightly ugly arch and so want something semi-ever green with vigorous foliage that stays. Is Etoile quite a vigorous rose? Many thanks.
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    Hi Fire,

    It's a lovely rose and quite vigorous. I would have thought it would cover an arch quite well. Like most roses, I don't think it can be called evergreen but it doesn't lose all its leaves over winter.  As well as having beautiful blooms, it has a most gorgeous scent.
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    ... so tempted....
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    If it doesn't cooperate when being trained you really should look at something that won't break.  Tess of the D'Urbevilles has good deep red colour and gets to about 8'.   Ena Harkness is an old trusty that will get to 18'.   Falstaff is a lovely deep red and can cope with a north facing aspect as long as he's not too exposed. 
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    Does Ena count as 'vigorous?'
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    I've grown 'clg. Etoile de Hollande' twice before, and what I did was to allow it to grow straight up several feet, about 6 feet in my case,  and then start to train it more horizontally.  I grew it on a wooden arch and it was quite easy to do when it got to above that height, it will then grow like a rambler..  I don't remember it being evergreen and I gardened in Cornwall at the time.
    If you want an evergreen climbing rose may I recommend 'Bathsheba', which is apricot/yellow, which has been evergreen through beast of the east, without blemish.

    If you want to cover up the ugly base of a climbing rose, you might like to consider planting slug proof Penstemons near the base.  A young plant from a small pot will quickly grow and cover the bare stems, like this below.  This is 'Pensham Plum Jerkum' photo taken late Feb, during beast from the east, which it took no notice of..  it's now covering up the lower canes of two climbing roses I have...

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