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Beech Hedge leaves


Does anybody know why these leaves are Two different Colours ...please - is it lacking in nutrients ? 

NO they are NOT painted!!  

Is is on a 40ft x 8ft beech hedge that is suffering again this year with white bugs under the leaves.  The rest of the hedge has green Leaves. 


  • pbffpbff Posts: 433

    Leaf variegation can occur as a random mutation - chlorophyll is absent from the white areas.

    The mutation may have been triggered by sap-sucking insects or it could just be coincidence.

    I wouldn't imagine that's it's anything to be concerned over.

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  • Bugs101Bugs101 Posts: 3

    Thank you .... The Hedge is indeed suffering from something hence my other post ..... I don't mind the two tone leaves but the bugs are causing mayhem. image

    Never ever had bare patches! 

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