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What happened to my leaves??

imagePicture of my Trinidad Scorpion pepper. My ghost and reaper peppers are doing the same thing. Moved them from seed starting pots five minutes ago thing they are nutrient deprived. Some of the stems are turning a darker color as well. this came on about four days ago and two days ago I sprayed them with garden safes fungicide 3 in one spray. I am new to growing and also this forum any advise will be GREATLY appreciated. Also I will add that the cups are filled with hyponex potting soil with fertilizer. My cayenne and jalapeños are thriving in it. Thank you!!


  • Zeno88Zeno88 Posts: 1

    how much light do they get?

    for the stem is normal to ruin, the plant suck the life out of them to concentrate on the development of the main plant. If happen to the rest of the new leaves then there is a problem,

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