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young apple tree branches drooping

hi hope you are well and thanks in advance for your help.

we planted an apple tree about 2 months ago, its young an is trying to fruit right now...its branches are drooping - should we try and support them or just leave it be?



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    I would remove the fruit this year ... it's going to put the tree under a lot of strain to get its roots established and produce fruit at the same time.  

    I think I would shorten those branches in the winter ... but someone with more knowledge about pruning apples will come along shortly I'm sure.

    I'd also clear a larger circle around the base of the tree ... 3 ft across is a good size ... that way the tree isn't competing with the grass for water and nutrients and you can feed, water and mulch it.  

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    ok, great.

    do i just literally pull the fruit off ? or cut it? if so, where do i cut?

    i had thought of building a small raised bed (like 10cm or so) out of deck wood and then putting a weed membrane on top and then filling it in with decorative stones around the tree - is this a good idea?

    i was going to do the same with the pear and cherry tree that we have also just planted (and are of a similar age)...good idea / terrible idea?

    im new to gardening but i do like it, so be kind to the n00b!

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    Just snip the stalks.  

    No, don't build anything around the tree trunk ... it will rot the trunk  and you mustn't cover the graft point... not good image

    This may be of help 

    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

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    ok, simply to keep the grass away though - if i build a low barrier, say 5 or 10cm at a 3ft radius from trunk, remove grass from inside this area,   then put a membrane down inside this area , and then fill on top  with stones or woodchip, just a few cm, keeping the stones below the level of the graft - will that be ok? 

    this means that i can mow the grass around the enclosure very easily, and would keep grass / weeds out of a 3ft radius of the tree , look nice and also not interfere with the tree?

    happy to be wrong, please tell me if so!

    something like this:


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    just to add a bit more detail - we've been away for 2 weeks, so the grass isnt normally this wild...the tree (and the cherry and pear that we planted at the same time too) has a good 80 cm on a side square hole that i dug, down about 80 cm too, filled with compost and some kind of tree grower compound that the garden shop sold me...

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    also - back to the original question about the branches - do i need to make a support for them?

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