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RHS Chelsea 2017

I was just wondering what everyone's favourite gardens were from Chelsea this year and why?

I really loved the Japanese Artisan garden - Gosho No Niwa No Wall, No War. I thought that was stunning. It looked like it had been there forever, especially with the waterfall stones all covered in moss and planted with ferns. The building was lovely too. The garden looked so peaceful. It was certainly deserving of its Gold, although personally I think it was deserving of the Best Artisan garden too.

The Walker's Wharf Garden, the one that did win Best Artisan garden, was nice though with some beautiful conifers, although I wasn't so keen on the old skull attached the wharf!

I loved the World Horse Welfare garden too - that sculpture all made out of the horseshoes is beautiful.

I also really liked the Seedlip Garden - when I saw the preview in Gardens Illustrated last month, I liked it and it looks even better than I thought it would. Lots of Geums in the planting I noticed - in fact Geums seems to have been popular this year in general, don't they?

I noticed that Cerinthe (honeywort) appeared quite frequently too.

The Broadland Boatbuilder's Garden was also nice, the design very natural and harmonious.

Chris Evan's and Anneka Rice's gardens were lovely too, I thought.

It was rather surprising that Chris Beardshaw's garden didn't get a Gold. The planting is beautiful and I personally think that it deserved Best Show Garden.

I didn't like the M&G garden much and can't really see how it won Best Show Garden. I know what they represented, but all those stone blocks seemed fussy and irritating to me, but then I prefer natural planting as opposed to cubes and blocks and heavy structures like that, so it's down to personal choice.

What do you all think?



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