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Can Acer palmatum be revived?

[Glen][Glen] Posts: 53

I planted an unhappy Acer palmatum next to a wall and removed its crispy leaves, but now I cannot find new growth.

I have not pruned it back. Is there anything I can do to stimulate it back to life?


  • Torg22Torg22 Posts: 302

    It may not respond well this year but if its happy in its new location it may do better next year, Last year I moved a very sorry looking Bloodgood from the front garden into a pot at the rear of our property, it didn't improve at all initially but this spring it now looks amazing! Cant believe I was close to writing it off.

  • [Glen][Glen] Posts: 53

    Can now confirm it is very slowly showing signs of recovery. There are several red buds up and down its trunk, but it looks like the die back will be about 2 years worth of growth.

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