garden mirror

Can anyone recommend a maker of good quality mirrors which will stand the test of time?



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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
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    Oh dear i dont think the position i have in mind would be in their flight path. We have bird fatalities due to the patio doors and windows in our property not to mention the local cat population.

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    The problem with mirrors is that the bird sees whatever is reflected in the mirror, which is usually nice view when in fact it's a lump of solid glass which sadly often results in a broken neck

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    Does this work with pigeons too?? I might have to buy one *joke* :)

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    Yes it does work with pigeons :)

    Living very close to farmland and woodland they drive me mad! I was awake at 4:40 this morning - thanks to the pigeons and baby starlings - the noise would wake the dead!

    Many years ago I had a large mirror on my bedroom wall that reflected my garden - it helped reduce the pigeon population by a few - but not enough to make a difference, so I've got a painting in its place now

    But I'm often tempted to give it another go.......

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    Tell me about it.

    We have a balcony that the pigeons love, There's always a never ending supply of pigeon s**t that they leave behind and they are always making nests and laying eggs that I then have to dispose of. We even had one in our flat a couple of years back, nearly gave my wife a heart attack.

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    Re original post. Anypmne got a good quality  garden mirror they could recommend  for me.

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    You posted this query twice and have had answers on the other one.  Go see.

    The Vendée, France
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    Thanks will try and find it.

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    Oh dear.

    Mirrors are a very bad thing in any garden.

    Yes birds crash into them but more because a bird, mainly males see themselves in the mirror, there own reflection and will then embark relentlessly on getting rid of the opponent they see (themselves) exhausting themselves to the point of death and have known to die fighting there own reflection.

    This is something that's not unique to birds, mammals do the same.

    Please don't put a mirror in your garden image

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