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Unknown plant help!

Hi everyone, just moved house, new to gardening, and now have a very large garden to look after. Can anyone tell me what this is? It seems to be spreading, roots spread horizontally quite some way by the looks of things, in flower beds and poking up through gravel (not sure whether it's forcing through the weed suppressing membrane or what). Some regular gardeners in the family that I've asked aren't sure what it is. Any help, including whether it's good/bad/benign, what to do with it, etc, would be appreciated - cheers!image


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,588

    Houttuynia cordata . If you crush the leaves they are said to smell like bitter oranges.  They can be a nuisance in wet boggy soil, but easily removed in sandy soil.

  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,102

    Yes It's Houttuynia a marginal pond plant normally and very evasive. Remove it, including all roots and it will slowly disappear as long as u keep on top of it 

    i had it in my garden from my neighbours pond that is 20m from where it appeared 

  • Thanks very much for the replies - from those descriptions and looking online it seems like most people consider it an awful thing to have (invasive and banned in parts of the world) and pretty difficult to get rid of. Don't know how the previous owner stayed on top of it but it's spread a lot in the six weeks we've been here. I'll have to dig it out carefully as it's embedded around many other plants. Better get cracking!

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