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Calla lily

My dear friends I really need your help recently I bought a calla lily and went through a few websites in relation to care plan for those gorgeous plants. I found out that they like watering and sun. So I put them on the brightest side of the room  and was watering it every day. After about 5 days time I found that little flowers are dying and the leaves around them became yellow and dry. I'm probably not describing it well enough as this is my first plant. I hope that my attached picture will help. Looking forward to get some tips and help. Sincerely yours.image


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,252

    Try repotting it into a slightly larger pot, feed and water it and keep it outside but not in direct sunshine. It will usually die down to a bulb towards September. Keep it dry and frost free  over winter, repot the bulb  next spring and repeat.

  • Margarita4Margarita4 Posts: 2

    Thank you very much indeed. Could you tell me what is the best place in the room for it?at the moment i placed it on the high table next to the window. Also I read that during the summer it needs watering every day and spraying with room temperature water. Is that not too much?Many thanks

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,252

    It is Ok next to a north facing window, but not in a south facing or bright sunshine, it will scorch,.

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