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Almond Leaves - disease?

Hello forum,

I have a young almond tree in my patio. Planted in the ground and I'm training it against a wall with trellis etc.

It seems healthy enough but my cleaner spent some time looking at it last week and scowling! She doesn't speak particularly good English but she seemed to be saying that the leaves didn't look right. Indeed some of them look a bit dull & mottled, whereas others look nice and green & shiny. I've attached a couple of photos below.

The plant seems generally happy, so I'm unsure whether there's anything I need to do here. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice please?




  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    looks like a deficiency of something (magnesium maybe), i'd give it a good feed

  • bigalxyzbigalxyz Posts: 12

    Thank you. I shall investigate...


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