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Help! Unidentified tree!

saraphoebssaraphoebs Posts: 3

Hello, first time poster here, hoping someone can help me identify a tree in my garden - just moved into a new home and trying to understand what we have in the garden. Here are some pics -  thanks in advance ????imageimage image


  • Contorted Hazel.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,096

    This tree is grown for its twisted stems and is grafted onto a normal hazel root.   Every year, this root stock will send up vigorous straight stems.   You need to remove these rigorously every year because a) they spoil the look and b) they take vial nutrients from the twisted stems.  You can use them as pea sticks or other plant supports.

    The foliage is also a bit twisted but the real glory of this plant is the bare, twisted stems through late autumn and winter and then catkins in early spring before the new leaf buds open.

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