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Pests! Candyfloss under mint leaves?!

Hi Guys

My mint plants seem to bring me a new challenge every year, last year I suffered a bad case of rust... this year it appears there is a white cotton-like substance under one of the leaves.

I've checked the rest of the plant and it appears that it's only on one stem, which I've removed and sealed in a container until I can work out what it is.

Upon checking the container today, I also found a little yellow / cream coloured insect in there.

I'm not sure if the 2 are linked, but I have read about New Zealand mealybugs making their way to the UK so wanted to elminate that as a 1st step.

Looking at pictures on the web, I don't think this is a mealybug but wanted to check what the cotton like substance was...

I'm in the North of England, the mint is growing in a pot in a courtyard...

Any help appreciated

Thanks guys




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