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Brown patches on 2 week old lawn


Im a complete novice if it comes to gardening but recently I took on a gardening job of  laying a new turf in my back garden. It's for kids to run about. 

I bought turf rolls top soil and some soil to level the ground. All looked good. 

After a day or 2 I started to notice brown patches in my newly laid lawn. Especially at the edges of few rolls. I thought they disappear but after 2 weeks nothing changed. 

When u look at the grass from the side of the house the grass looks great and you can see it's growing well but when you look closer from a different angle you can really see the patches. 

How can I fix the problem? Should i buy a new took and patch it up or use some soil and seeds and fix it that way? 

Any advice would be much aporeciated. 


  • Pictures od The damaged areaimageimageimage

  • And the whole gardenimage

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    its dried out and the edges have died back, when laying turf at this time of year it needs watering every night for the first week or so and every other night if its warm (doesn't matter if its rained or not)

    Fill the brown areas with some decent top soil and sow grass seed, this should mesh in within tow or three weeks - and remember to water, keep the kids off it and when you mow it for the first time raise your lawnmower up a bit (if you can, if its a flymo type thing you won't be able to) for the first two or three cuts to stop the blades ripping it out of the ground.

  • Thanks very much. Must been tried when laying then. Soil underneath is nice and moist and grass next to the patch is already rooted and hard to lift it up. 

    I watered the lawn twice a day in the morning and in the evening for good 30 mins for last 2 weeks. So definitely plenty of water there. 

    I'm gutted I hadn't contact the company I bought the turf from to let them know there is a problem with the grass.. 

    Do u think I should just put the soil and then seeds on top of the brown patches ? Or should I remove the damaged areas first ? 

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