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Daisies in the lawn

Dilly3Dilly3 Posts: 91

Yesterday I saw something I hadn't seen for a long time, a lawn full of daisies . It looked really beautiful. it was a good sized lawn and the affect was like a light sprinkling of snow. 

I wish I had some in my lawn. 



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295

    Do you feed and weed? you won't get daisies if you do that. 

    Easy enough to come by. I'm sure someone would let you extract a piece to start in your lawn

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    i know what you mean Dilly. I have a small patch in my lawn and their little faces were glowing in the sun. I love them. Remind me of days on the school playing field making daisy chains. 

  • GaryRGaryR Posts: 32

    I have them in my garden for the 1st time this year. Glad they've decided to show up!

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    I have them & buttercups, they pop back up in no time after mowing. As long as my lawn is green & not patchy, I'm happy image

  • B3B3 Posts: 26,412

    Glad this isn't a thread about how to get rid of them. 

    I love them too -and  the little violets.

    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,439

    I've got thousands; keep the grass a little long and they'll do well.

    i was shocked a couple of weeks ago when I saw little pots of them in the garden centre for £1.99 each!

    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.
  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,439
    B3 says:

    I love them too -and  the little violets.

    See original post

     They are even better.

    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.
  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    My frot lawn has buttercups and Daisies but the back lawn has none justclover and Dandilions.. I think they also remind me of making Daisy chains as a child..  I think now I would find it all too fiddly lol.

    My friend is growing a wild flower lawn, can't wait to see how that turns out..

  • TootsietimTootsietim Posts: 178

    I have a small patch of daisies in the lawn which I do forward rolls on when drunk, (a family tradition) and also encourage clover to flower later in the year for the bees.

  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,713

    Our lawn is more flowers and weeds than grass, but I like it like this - daisies, clover, primroses, violets and unfortunately some ivy too. One day we will get down to pulling some of the ivy out.

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