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Too late to prune Salvias and Penstemons?

Hi everyone, hope someone can throw some advice my way. I've been busy with work and other things so am running late with my gardening jobs. My salvia hot lips have just started their first flush of flowers but really need to prune them back as they've now taken oven and are huge, but am I too late to give them a hard prune, I really don't want to cut back if it's at the expense of losing flowers this year. Same goes for Penstemons, if I hard prune now will they still flower this year? Thanks in advance for any help


  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,992

    Too late to prune the salvia. You'll have to wait until  next year. And be careful not to prune it too hard or you'll kill it. As for the penstemon too late to prune them but you can pinch them before they flower.

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  • Thanks Papi, I feared as much, oh well at least the Salvias look good even if they are huge and I have to leave them for another year. As for the Penstemons I might just cut back moderately and see what happens as they're so leggy and such a mess anyway and I can always use the material to take more cuttings. 

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