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Cherry tree root in lawn...



We have a mature cherry tree in our front garden however what I suspect to be a fairly major root from the tree has risen up and breached the surface of the lawn. 

I'd like to lay new turf in the autumn and am considering digging this major root out and removing it from the tree. My question is whether this action is likely to kill the tree or is there a way to remove the root without causing a fatal shock. I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience and if so how they went about resolving it. 

I've attached a couple of images for reference. 

Many thanks in advance. 



  • Yes, cherry tree roots are notoriously shallow so this doesn't come as a surprise. It looks like a thick root so I wouldn't advice cutting it in case you compromise the health of the tree. You could raise the level of your lawn using topsoil and turf, or find some creative way of covering it.

  • We have a cherry tree in our garden. The base has become very Knobbly and crumbly. Does this suggest the tree vis deceased. 
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,159
    Dan, an easier way to deal with that problem might be to slightly enlarge the semi circle of border you've got underneath the tree, and then plant some creeping plants near to the root.  If you try to remove that root, you would probably kill the tree as it looks a major one to me.

    Brenda, I don't think so, cherry trees often develop that funny kind of base - but others might advise better.  
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