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ErashaErasha Posts: 52

Bought this last year at a garden centre and it had lush large leaves and not a lot else, potted it up and near enough forgot about it. It did really well and then this year suddenly keeled over.  I've replanted it in the ground, having found a dense overcrowded rootball in the pot and now it has this mound of ?failed flowerheads (looks more broccoli like than what I bought last year!!!).

The trouble is I have zero recollection of what it's called, so not sure how best to revive it!

Any ideas? It's not an Acer is it?

image            image


  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 11,374

    Looks like Angelica to me.

    He calls her the chocolate girl
    Cause he thinks she melts when he touches her
    She knows she's the chocolate girl
    Cause she's broken up and swallowed
    And wrapped in bits of silver
  • ErashaErasha Posts: 52

    That does sound familiar, thankyou punkdoc!

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